Video Security Benefits


Kastle provides managed video and monitoring services to solve your security needs. Our solution allows your surveillance camera to literally see. We’ve combined advanced analytic technology with experienced people and processes, so that we detect more, are alerted right away, and help you respond in a way that increases your security effectiveness. A passive video system can now be turned into a proactive part of your operations.

Just as important, Kastle's solution was designed to work with the different security systems already out there. Using our gateway, you can enable this service on your existing cameras – and leverage your previous investment. By having Kastle take over your video monitoring remotely, you will not only do better but, as importantly, you’ll do it at a fraction of what it would have cost to do it yourself.

Kastle Systems provides a complete security assessment of your building or space to identify specific areas of risk.

24/7 Building Security Systems Support

Kastle Systems designs a customized security system based on the unique needs of your company, building and/or space.

Custom Building Security Solution

A dedicated Kastle project manager coordinates all aspects of security system installation and certified Kastle technicians install your system from start to finish.

Professional Security System Installation

With just a few clicks, Kastle's secure web based building security management tool, myKASTLE, allows you to perform many functions of your system remotely.

Secure Building Security Management Tool

Secure Video Monitoring Is A Powerful Tool

Secure video monitoring can enable you to identify suspicious activity -- and do something about it -- prior to it becoming a security issue. It can detect security incidents in a way that other sensors cannot. You literally have more eyes working for you. Or, do you? There is a common refrain in the market that the video is there but that no one is really watching it. If no one is monitoring then video is, at best, a passive tool. It's viewed after-the-fact to see "what went wrong".  Kastle's monitored video security systems make your cameras an active and integral part of your security strategy.