KastlePresence: Making Spaces Safer, Smarter and More Convenient

Your smartphone is your new key to your space. Kastle Systems’ innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solution, KastlePresence, provides breakthrough convenience with hands-free mobile access and makes occupants safer, buildings smarter and access more convenient.

KastlePresence Garage Demo

KastlePresence takes hands-free building access to the next level. Pull into your garage with mobile hands-free access.

KastlePresence Alert Demo

If you feel unsafe in your building, KastlePresence has a built in Alert system to send out a notification. Alert is easy to use and gives you piece of mind everyday.

KastleVideo Tutorial

KastleVideo allows you to receive and view highly detailed images with HD quality. Another feature: You can access your video cameras – anytime and anywhere – to monitor what’s happening in real time or to review past events. Your home computer, laptop, tablet, and even your smartphone are now tools in your tool kit for video surveillance – and you can do this securely using built-in encrypted communications.