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If you’re a law firm with multiple office locations, you face unique challenges when it comes to protecting your assets and maintaining consistent and thorough security across your organization. Kastle Systems addresses these pain points by installing and managing a single best-in-class security platform across all of your office locations. Law firms select us for our experience with their unique needs and ability to offer the highest standard of service.

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Why Kastle for Law Office Security?

A single credential grants you access to all of your firm’s offices.
24×7 real-time monitoring keeps you safe and secure at all hours.
A standards-based approach for interoperability and lower cost of ownership.
A dedicated point of contact, and team, that understands your unique needs and fulfills them consistently.
Cloud provider offering remote upgrades, monitoring and management. Web-based tools for centralized visibility and control, including mobile capabilities.
Offsite hosting provides superior system back-up and disaster recovery.
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Kastle Can Offer You The Power of One Credential

Kastle is an end-to-end provider of law firm security solutions. As your partner, we are the one company you can count on to design, install and operate your security 24×7. Our web-based tools are federated so that you can see and access all offices from one central place. You receive a dedicated account manager, and team, that becomes familiar with you and works as part of your team.

You can even throw out your many credentials and instead start using just one to access every one of your offices – whether that’s a card, a key or a new mobile credential that uses your phone to open the door. By bringing it all together we not only make life easier but, more importantly, we unite your offices under a common program for enhanced safety and security for all of your employees and facilities.

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Law Firm Security Solutions

Kastle offers a complete range of premium security solutions and integrated services, developed over decades of experience, to elegantly protect your organization’s employees and valuable assets.

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