Brian Eckert

Chief Marketing Officer

Brian Eckert is Kastle Systems’ Chief Marketing Officer. Prior to joining Kastle Systems, Brian held executive ownership positions at global multi-billion dollar companies and explosive growth start-ups – where he was often in the middle of making things explosive. Oddly, he began his career as a part-time data entry specialist, using only two fingers, and was fortunate enough to earn his way into a 20+ year career in business development, marketing and operational leadership. Working with talented teams, he helped start and build companies to achieve market share dominance and make those companies truly stand apart. His favorite career memories include earning the first ever Gold Clio for web design, tirelessly travelling the world to unite 37 acquisitions into one powerful global brand and lending advice to a small business that did the seemingly impossible by securing FDA Approval for a first-of-its-kind prescription for women.

Brian brings this diverse experience, including more than a decade in the security industry, to his executive role at Kastle Systems where he applies himself to generating new ideas and making them a reality. He is responsible for the company’s product strategies, its family of four brands and actively promoting and selling Kastle so that others can take advantage of its world class security technology and service.  Brian’s experience in technology innovations has landed him assignments to help protect Reagan National Airport, NYC’s MTA, the City of Washington, DC, the Beijing Olympics and The Pastuer Institute among others. Today he serves leading commercial brands, schools, and government agencies in his capacity as Kastle’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. He is particularly proud to go to work every day for a company that protects and secures others.

At home, Brian is surrounded by creatures that hug him, bark or yell at him and always inspire him. This includes his incredibly artistic high school sweetheart Denise, his amazing children Luke and Pete, and his wife’s favorite – Leo, a scruffy 12 pound dog.  Brian attended the College of William and Mary where he studied Business although, today, he can also be seen cheering for the Auburn Tigers.