Mobile Platform

KastlePresence®: Making Spaces Safer, Smarter and More Convenient

Your smartphone is your new key to your space. Kastle Systems’ innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solution, KastlePresence, provides breakthrough convenience with hands-free mobile access, but it doesn’t stop there. KastlePresence offers a unique blend of location-based features with cutting-edge security enhancements, extending security from the perimeter of your space to everyone’s pocket. Dynamic mobile keys which ensure that the same signal is never utilized twice – used in combination with Photo-ID mobile credentials – make KastlePresence the safest mobile security platform in the world. Virtual panic buttons make your spaces safer than ever before, and data-driven insights add new conveniences. With unlimited mobile credentials, and backed by Kastle’s more than four decades of industry leadership and commitment to customer service, KastlePresence is an unprecedented platform that shatters the expectations of an access control system, while redefining the modern real estate experience. See it for yourself in this video or click below to request a demo at your office.

Click here to read why the Washington Post is calling KastlePresence “the end of the badge.

Hands-Free Access

Your smartphone can now open the door for you – no hands required – with unlimited mobile credentials managed through Kastle’s award-winning infrastructure. KastlePresence offers the safest and most convenient access control experience in today’s market, without compromise. Kastle’s experts design and tailor each KastlePresence experience to your space’s unique layout, allowing flow through your spaces to be both safer and more convenient than ever before. And, unlike hackable radio-frequency identification (RFID) or standard Bluetooth solutions, KastlePresence’s dynamic encryption and integrated photo-ID credentials elevate your security.

Crowdsourced Emergency Response

Empower your staff or tenants to say something to the right people, the instant they see something during an emergency situation. Leveraging the power of the entire population of a space ensures more immediate reporting with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information. KastleAlert® gives you the power to more effectively manage time-sensitive emergencies that require evacuation or sheltering in place, including Active Shooter. Users can share and receive ongoing updates and report safety status via KastleAlert, with added context for Incident Commanders.

Download our Emergency Mass Communications eBook to learn why mobile emergency mass communications with KastleAlert is the fastest – and therefore best – way to stay connected in a crisis.

Data Insights & User Connectivity

Understand amenity room usage, gym availability, and more with data at your fingertips. Utilize instant mass notification capabilities for easy outreach to all employees and tenants through the KastlePresence platform – without having to maintain a separate text message or e-mail database. Kastle’s online administration tool, myKastle, and seamless LDAP integration make your facility’s security easier to manage than ever.

Mobile Platform as a Service

When it comes to mobile platform solutions, Kastle Systems does it all. This takes the burden off of you, saving you money, time and valuable resources. It allows you to focus on your core business while Kastle focuses on keeping your space secure and updating you on the latest value added breakthroughs.